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“Prizren Commerce Group” LLC was founded in year of 1990. It started it’s activity on April 1st 1990 in Prizren.

At that time the company’s activities covered only the Prizren region, but after a very short period it reached to cover whole Kosova.

Today, "Prizren Commerce Group" LLC is an importer and distributor of known companies from the region.

With a professional management staff on the areas of:marketing, sales,merchendaising, logistics, finance,which with to perform all necessary services that our customers remain satisfied with our professional services At the beginning, the company had only three employees, whereas today the company has fifty one employees, from which seven work in Administration unit, twenty on sales Departament, from which two in (HORECA), twelve Sales Managers seperated in two regions and two divisions, two Merchendaisers , one Supervisor, two Regional Directors, one marketing manager, two in Logistic, ten profesional drivers and other twelve as laborers in ware house.

"Prizren Commerce Group" LLC is the general distributor for those companies:
Chips Way,Zaharni Izdelia(Sweet Plus),ASTpopcorn,Ovi & Sari.etc.

"Prizren Commerce Group"LLC owns possession of the two Distribution warehouse in the area of 3200 m2, which they are located in Pristina and Prizren City.


Ware House Pristina

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